How to boost website conversion rates through video testimonials

How to boost website conversion rates through video testimonials

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Every single day, people鈥攆rom CEO types to 9-5 workers鈥攚atch 1 billion hours of YouTube videos. We spend an enormous amount of time, watching our favorite personalities and following companies that intrigue us. This has made it harder to stand out amongst the crowd, especially since there is so much lackluster content to go around. Your job, as the marketer, is to break through the drudgery with something fresh and exciting.

Embedding videos on a company website has become an increasingly common practice that works. Not just any video will do, either. The bottom line is to boost your website conversion rates. Video testimonials are the way to go. Your customers have very unique perspectives and would love to rep your company from the heart.

After reading this article, you should be able to:

路 Understand why video testimonials work

路 Utilize all avenues of sharing your video

Let鈥檚 dive right into it.

Video Testimonials Drive Revenue

Implementing customer testimonials into your marketing strategy can generate approximately 62% more revenue for your company. This is not to say that they should be overused but, rather, that they can supplement already strong copy. When your primary goal is to elicit an emotion, you subtly influence a customer鈥檚 decision to buy a product. Some people are more visual; they see someone crying, a baby鈥檚 first breath, and they can鈥檛 help themselves. They feel these things. We all recognize faces and project onto them our own experiences and stories. Four times as many customers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it. Think about your favorite, modern campaigns. What made you buy them was the message鈥攜our personal investment in the narrative.

Commercials aren鈥檛 compelling. Commercials are commercials. Yet, since everything is an advertisement at the end of the day, we can take steps to make them less obvious.

Video testimonials tease out the best details of your company and get people familiarized with your mission, values, and, of course, your product. The objective should be to get these videos shared on social media, which hopefully leads to more page views, which gets you more revenue to grow your brand.

Video Testimonials Increase Conversions

You can spend hours thinking up campaigns that may or may not get you the conversions you鈥檙e looking for. Luckily, video testimonials don鈥檛 take much time to create at all, and you can still personalize them to fit your company. This makes the process relatively low-risk and still just as powerful.

Where you place testimonials is important. You don鈥檛 want to bury it in some unknown website location. Customers that are greeted with testimonials on a homepage or landing page are more likely to stay awhile, especially if these videos are under two minutes long. In fact, video testimonials are 89% effective, making them the most effective form of content. They are similar to a recommendation from a friend; there doesn鈥檛 seem to be any malice behind the words. It is a relationship built on trust. That鈥檚 when conversions are most likely to happen.

Video Testimonials Improve SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is stressed as one of the most important drivers of a successful website. Your website will fade into obscurity without it. Google constantly filters and analyzes all of the keywords in a specific niche and pits multiple websites against each other. To optimize SEO to its fullest potential, you should consider implementing video testimonials.

Having a combination of written and video testimonials is a good idea. Written testimonials, like reviews, are just as relevant. Having 10 or more reviews has a major effect: a 15-20% increase in search traffic. That鈥檚 huge!

Naturally, customers will use keywords in their reviews. More and more people will find your website this way because the quality reviews will draw them to you. It鈥檒l serve as a reminder that you鈥檙e selling a good service/product without compromising your integrity. These same customers will be more likely to accept your request to do a video testimonial, and so the wheel of content keeps spinning.

Video Testimonials Are Strong Retargeting Ads

Retargeting ads are one of the most widely used tools in a marketer鈥檚 arsenal. They can also be quite predictable as some customers are primed to ignore them. When you use a video instead, it can catch the customer鈥檚 attention. It creates a layer of interactivity that you can鈥檛 get with other content strategies.

The best retargeting ads are curated, meaning they are specific to what your website visitors viewed rather than a 鈥渃atch-all鈥 approach. 97% of people who visit your site for the first time leave without buying anything. Retargeting ads are supposed to be reminders, not annoyances, so don鈥檛 push your luck with something gaudy.

Video testimonials promote the fact that your company is eclectic and listens to its customers intently. After all, if one person found it useful, couldn鈥檛 many more? These types of videos can really change a customer鈥檚 mind with the quickest turnaround rate. You can use these retargeting ads through social media or through Google with similar results.

Video Testimonials Are Strong For Sales Follow-up

The question that most marketers ask is: how do I follow up with a customer after they have shown interest in my product? We mentioned retargeting, but there are other ways to spread your video testimonials as well. Say a potential customer has already visited your website. You can prompt them to sign up for an email list before they leave, which in turn, allows you to make a strong impression even after they鈥檝e gone about their day. Attaching a video testimonial to the email will bolster your message and make it resonate. No one wants a blank email with the only thing standing out a cheesy message like, 鈥渂uy our product now.鈥 You can even use other channels like SMS, which puts it even more directly in their vision.

Sales Follow-up can trip people up in the worst way. It gets sales managers and their respective teams stumped. Perseverance is the only key to success. If you give up after one phone call, one email, one message, then you鈥檝e undermined your entire operation.

Impactful places to use your customer video testimonial

There are quite a few places you can post your video testimonial. Here are a few examples:

Website homepage鈥You obviously don鈥檛 want your customer videos to be the main draw on your homepage. New customers need to get a feel for your product first. Familiarize them with a few key details, and by the time they鈥檝e scrolled to the bottom, they鈥檒l hopefully feel welcomed to the family.

Landing page鈥A landing page is a page for people that find your company through an ad. You want to optimize this page for conversion. Customers found your page in the first place because they were searching for something. Be the answer to that query.

Sales Email鈥Some people might consider a sales email outdated, especially since customers are flooded by spam every single day of their lives. But it still works. You want to start with a strong subject line and make your introduction personal. This is where a video testimonial might add value and weight to your words.

Social Media鈥By and large, this is the most popular avenue for getting conversions from the younger crowd. Social media is the king of the digital jungle. It provides an opportunity to flaunt your savviness and keep your company looking modern. With Instagram Video and Instagram Live, you can easily create a content campaign that doesn鈥檛 break the bank.

Getting testimony about your company in any capacity is validating. It shows that something you鈥檙e doing is working, and that鈥檚 not easy to do in the first place. Video testimonials give your company an extra layer of personality. You would not be in the position you are in without your loyal customers. It takes a humble company to admit that.

Do you feel confident that you鈥檝e learned the basics of video testimonials? Start boosting conversions today!